Our factory is specialized in engravings, which are needed most in industry. Our joy and competence has grown along with the demands and diversity of our customers. We guarantee exact adherence to delivery dates and highest quality standard for our orders.

Our spectrum ranges from informative descriptions to precise industrial engravings. With the most modern train of machines we produce embossed stamps, imprint rolls, electrodes or mold sections for the mold- and toolmaking industry. We engrave on four axes everything from plastics over non-ferrous heavy metal to hardened steel.

Your CAD data can be imported and of course we are able to develop such data by ourselves.

Thanks to the size of our business we do know any unnecessary administrative prodedures, which is beneficial for the prize and time of our costumer.

Still every conducted order, from its placement to the delivery of the finished produkt, is neatly documented, filed and saved and can be retrieved by our customer at any time. No matter if small or major orders, we are intent on finding the best solution for your engravery.